We are grateful to our sponsors who have been instrumental in setting up the Wish For A Smile Trust. Their ongoing support enables us to continue providing free orthodontic treatment to deserving young New Zealanders.

We are especially grateful to our founding sponsor, Campbell Live, for providing the ‘kick start’ funding for the Wish For A Smile Trust. A story back in 2011 about Evan Hill’s severe orthodontic problems raised over $180 000 in donations from caring Kiwis. This was far more than was needed to treat Evan’s teeth, so the team at Campbell Live pledged the excess funds to the Trust so children across New Zealand would have more access to specialist orthodontic care.

Meeting Evan Hill, Campbell Live
14th December 2011

Update on NZ’s fundraising effort for Evan, Campbell Live
15th December 2011

Part way through Evan’s orthodontic treatment, Campbell Live
17th July 2013

Evan gets his braces off and reveals his new smile
Newshub, 28 March, 2017